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Indirect method of measuring changes of EM field in RF-gun cavity for XFEL accelerator

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XFEL is an abbreviation for X-Ray Free Electron Laser. The device is used as a source of the narrow-band X-ray radiation. At present, the XFEL prototype called FLASH (Free electron LASer in Hamburg) is being tested. The coherent light wave is generated in an undulator from a beam of high energy electrons. Particles are accelerated in the linear accelerator (LINAC). The RF-Gun is a source of free electrons bunches. In the Fig. 1 the simplified diagram of the RF-Gun structure if shown. Free electrons are generated by a laser pulse concentrated on the photo-cathode. Then the particles are accelerated by the EM field in the resonance cavity [2]. In order to provide reliable beam, the timespan between the laser pulse and the maximum of the cavity field gradient has to be kept const[...]

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