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Magnetic field analysis of the Inductive Dynamic Drive DOI:10.15199/48.2018.04.12

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In the last few years the number of high power devices supplied by DC - current has raised. Manufactures are demanded to guarantee a high durability and reliability of their products. Conventional circuit breakers with magnetic blowout are able to extinguish electrical arc in several dozens of milliseconds. The result is a rise of short - circuit current close to prospective value. The main advantage of semiconductors is elimination of occurrence of electrical arc thus the switching off time is shorter. However, semiconductors bring high losses in conducting state. The hybrid circuit breaker is composed of semiconductor and mechanical switch. This solution eliminates drawbacks of these devices. The mechanical switch is responsible for conducting current in normal state and semiconductor takes part in turning off process. One of proposed solutions of hybrid circuit breakers is a switch based on forced commutation of current from mechanical switch to the branch with semiconductor.This type of switch is shown in figure 1. Application of inductive-dynamic drive (IDD) as propulsion for contacts limits the switching off time to less than 2 ms. In comparison to conventional circuit breakers this solution results in a decrease of maximal value of the turning-off short-circuit current. This kind of drive in cooperation with a vacuum interrupter guarantees opening time around hundreds of microseconds and acceleration around tens of thousands m s2 of movable contact. Thus, combination of inductive dynamic drive and vacuum interrupter is called Vacuum Switching Unit (VSU) which has been shown in figure 2. It is necessary to distinguish the rest of components in VSU such as a lock which is responsible for holding contacts in open position, sets of springs, an isolator, a driving rod and a bumper which is essential to absorb energy [1-4]. In figure 3 the 3D model of IDD has been shown. The propulsion consists on multi turn, flat, fixed, [...]

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