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The effectiveness of public-private partnerships of institutions based on Spanish and Polish RIS experiences DOI:10.15199/60.2017.09.3

  Introduction A primary factor of economic development in modern Europe is high technology, while institutions concerned with technology improvements build the way to competitive superiority. This calls for a concentration of resources on the selected fields of economic activities that play a particularly important role in this development. This concentration underpins the strategies of the European Commission aimed at supporting such fields of economic activities when directing assistance to individual countries and regions. For many years now, the Commission uses the priorities known as a country’s or a region’s intelligent specialisation set by the individual countries and regions, as a criterion when allocating funds. The vast majority of European regions set the directions of regional intelligent specialisation on the basis of rules contained in the Commission’s recommendations in the form of the so-called RIS3. The policy of regional smart specialization allows local governments to concentrate support on narrow sectors that results in a process in which local companies become international competitors (Foray, Goddard 2012, pp. 8-11). To achieve that level, companies have to focus on modern high technology solutions. Leading support will be directed to local technology advantages in order to promote their further development. Lodz and Terrasa’s Regional Smart Specialization is focused on activity of Fashion and Textile Industry in which the local government put their interest on support and development of this sector. Fashion and cloth industry is directly related to regional textile supply (production, finishing and all of processes between its born to finished product. One of the key processes in textile industry is the process of finishing textiles. Nowadays that process differs from the old ways. Technology used in that process began to exist as crucial aspect of company’s survivability. L[...]

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