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Adaptive Decision Support System in Network Centric Warfare Process DOI:10.15199/13.2018.7.10

  The term ‘net’ in the Network Centric Warfare (NCW) should be comprehended as creating connections (relations) between all subjects taking part in the operation in order to share information and provide each other direct cooperation. It is impossible to gain a network centric ability without different use of innovative technical solutions i.e. online techniques (including information safety mechanisms), meeting the needs of battlefield mobile users (by introducing programmable and also intelligent structures of Software Defined Radio or Cognitive Radio) and introducing as well as improving different types of wireless protocols for self-organizing and decentralized Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks (MANET) [1]. The key elements which make it possible to receive a network centric battlefield, thus situational awareness in network centric works are creating safe and effective mechanisms of data acquisition, carrying out the analysis, synthesis as well as aggregation, sharing information on every higher level of data processing, creating Knowledge Bases (KB) and using them effectively in Electronic Warfare (EW). [2, 3]. The Decision Support System (DSS) in network centric activities is based on knowledge and describes chosen methods and techniques of data/information/knowledge management and how significantly their use in the process of commanding maximizes the effectiveness of such a system. The base for the solution, presented in this article is the use of an example of nonparametric regression k-Nearest Neighbours algorithm in the classification process, on the basis of a few chosen distance measures and feature vector similarity, which are described in the conclusion module. Data processing in an adaptive decision support system In a computerized world it is possible to record every single event or state in a form of ordered data structures. In order to dominate on the network centric battlefield it is necessary to proces[...]

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