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Clustering of some Liquidambar orientalis samples according to essential oil compositions DOI:10.15199/13.2018.10.7

  Determination of cause-effect relationships among experimental data in chemistry needs principles of statistics, classification of these data needs data mining methods, realization of the experiments more effectively needs experimental design methods and consequently modeling and optimization techniques, and application of all these studies needs computer hardware, software, algorithms or some software packages. The main interest in the issues of data mining is classification, forecasting, segmentation/clustering and identification. Similar to economics, medicine and many other areas, from lots of references it is understood that clustering process is used to the evaluation of the data collected scientific and technological researches, for example, origins determination of chemistry products, metals, compounds, creatures by peculiarities of physical, biological or chemical identification [1, 2]. At some studies in the field of food and chemical analysis it is encountered clustering analysis technics. The first of these is related to determination of properties and classification of honey samples collected from different regions of Canary Islands using by different multivariate statistical techniques, and here the samples were characterized depending on their Na, K, Sr, Mg, Ca and Cu contents by principal component and clustering analysis technics. In this work it was also explained that they could separate Canary Honey from others depending on their metal contents [3]. In another study to determine features a variety of parasites from fish caught salmon, three different types of parasites as Gyrodactylus salaris, Gyrodactylus derjavini and Gyrodactylus trutta were found by the principal component analysis to chemical analysis results of fatty acids [4]. Voncina and friends practiced on the principal component analysis to characterize the fatty acid content of the main components for the classification of vegetable oils. In th[...]

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