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Electronic control for high efficient process in thermal-moisture pretreatment of meal

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The thermal-moisture treatment is one of the most important operations in the preparation of oilseed material for extraction of vegetable oil and has a significant influence on the quality and quantity of product observed [1,7,8]. The treatment is done in devices with continuous operation called toasters and each of them is divided into separate sections. The meal enters into the toaster and as it passes through the construction, it is treated by moisture and heat simultaneously for an exact duration of time. Control of main parameters influencing in the specified range is necessary for obtaining of product with high quality and quantity [3,9]. This result can be observed by use of electronic control [5] of the thermal moisture treatment of meal in the toaster. The modern meth[...]

Microprocessor system for wireless monitoring and processing of postmortal parameters transmitted

  The importance of the development and implementation of methods and technologies in forensic medicine, aiming to improve the quality of technological operations is an important point in the forensic doctors’ work. The accuracy of tracking and processing of obtained results as well as the final conclusions used as evidence material is the main task for engineering professionals. Methods and rules used for assessment of postmortal changes of examined objects in the literature are shown in tables, monograms and norms, but there is no common and objective assessment for determining the prescription of individual’s death, meaning the occurrence of the event. Due to the lower degree of utilization of modern methods and tools to capture postmortal parameters and processing of obtained results, there are difficulties in determining the time of the event on examined object. As the event sets in the temperature of the object is violated, due to the break off of body-heat regulation. The body gradually cools down until its temperature reaches the ambient temperature, or it goes below it by 0,5ºC… 1ºC, because of the moisture evaporation from the surface. Cooling the body starts from inside out within 45 to 60 minutes following the event due to the ongoing processes of energy exchange inside the object [10, 2, 12]. Factors that influence the temperature characteristics of the object are: weight, age, clothing, humidity and temperature of the environment or the air in lab facilities. Block diagram of a wireless system for monitoring and processing of postmortal parameters transmitted The proper monitoring and reading of individual’s post mortal parameters is extremely important for determining the exact moment of the event. This requires the use of accurate electronic sensors for measuring the characteristic parameters and improvement of analytical methods and criteria for evaluation of obtained resul[...]

Electronic system for analyzing the electrical resistance of biological tissue in forensics

  In forensics there is a continuous development of new methods for analyzing the condition of the objects in order to improve the quality of the manipulations and operations as well as the accuracy of the conclusions made. There is no objective technical assessment of the qualitative characterization of the analyzed object to be applied to the expertise. Obtaining good-quality results in determining the time of death, i.e. the event requires performance of accurate operations of the medical process of object examination by using modern technical means. Changing of the electrical resistance of tissues is an significant parameter that helps in proper judgment of postmortem changes of studied objects. This brings also the need for development of accurate electronic system for measuring the electrical resistance of tissue at postmortem changes. The methods for analyses are based on the ability of tissue to be at the same time a conductor and a dielectric. Electrical and dielectric permittivity of an area is a complex function - on one hand are the parameters of influential currents and voltages together with their frequencies, and on the other hand is the physiological state of studied objects. The purpose of this article is to present an electronic system for testing the electrical resistance of tissue in running postmortem changes, aiming to increase efficiency in the collection of objective evidences - that are applied to the medical expertise in forensics. Analysis of methods for measuring the resistance with DC To identify and diagnose the condition of a given structure in medicine, it can be used the specific electrical resistance of the tissue. In Table 1 is presented the data on its values for various analyzed structures. Measurement of specific electrical resistance of tissue  Two-probe method Th[...]

Investigation of electronic control system using computer vision DOI:10.15199/13.2016.11.20

  In recent years, great interest has developed in the possibilities for using computer vision systems in a variety of industrial applications. These range from complex inspection or monitoring tasks to supplying precise position for robotic manipulators. The application of this type of management is easily applicable to the management of large mechanical systems. The main objective of the development of such applications is simplifying the functions of feedback and allowing the user to change the values of the system in real time and receive visual representation of the process, which is managed. Keywords: feedback, feedback control system, computer vision, OpenCV, Arduino.In recent years, interest in the possibilities of using computer vision systems in various industrial applications has increased. These applications range from complex tasks for checking and monitoring of processes to supplying precise position for robotic manipulators. The application of this type of control is easily applicable in large mechanical systems. The main objective of the development of such applications is simplifying the functions of feedback and allowing the user to change the values of the system in real time. Industrial automation allows factory owners to increase productivity and profit by eliminating the human factor which tends to be expensive and unreliable. In modern industrial assembly and quality control processes there is a strong need for advanced robot-based object detection and recognition, object grasping and for the capability to perform assembling operations in non-structured environments with randomly positioned objects. As advanced robotic systems are becoming more popular and widespread in many industrial assembly settings, the need for reliable operation with the least possible amount of downtime is a common, expected demand [2, 5, 8]. The purpose of this article is to develop and investigate an Arduino based electronic sys[...]

Criteria for evaluation, methodology and analysis of electrocardiographic signal results from experimental studies in preventive control of clinically healthy people DOI:10.15199/13.2018.1.9

  The heart and the cardiovascular system are the only ones that have the function of transporting oxygen and other important elements through the blood to all organs, thus continuously working and keeping the human organism alive. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the volume parameters of hemodynamics, as well as to show at an early stage the pathology which, in turn, allows the prognosis of cardiovascular changes. In spite of the great scientific and technological progress in the field of medical instrumentation, there are intimidating statistics. About 70% is the total mortality from cardiovascular diseases with no tendency to decrease. Often, a sudden hearth attack occurs in the workplace, in the vehicle while driving or in physical or emotional activities. An important task is to preserve the health of the working people. It is necessary to create a simple, affordable and reliable ways of express diagnostics that can separate the initial signs of the deviation of the heath’s work under physical and emotional overloads at random places - outside hospitals, at home, in the car or in the park. The development of an electronic system that combines new approaches to the processing of individual medical information and specific methods, gives visuals to the results in prevention. It is also extremely inconceivable in the real life of healthy people The purpose of this article is to show criteria for evaluation, methodology and analysis of the results of electrocardiographic signals from experimental studies in the preventive control of clinically healthy people after emotional stress and driving in extreme conditions. Criteria for assessment of ECG signal in preventive control All people are different but many biological processes are the same regardless of age and sex. The mechanism of conElektronika 1/2018 41 traction of the heart is unique to every person. In the process of increasing the heart rate, the time o[...]

Lead free electronic module test research for motion control of cars front windscreen wipers

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There is an increased demand for complying with the environmental protection requirements not only in the modern electronic production process, but also in their out exploitation phase [1,6]. The electronic automobile industry observes the conditions set by the European Union on ecologically clean products and introduces its lead free technology production everythere, where people safety regulations permit [4]. Ecologically clean (Green)-electronic items and wares become more and more popular, but common standards objectively defining them as such have not been existing yet, so each producer creates their own criteria for this. For product validation and production process feasibility series of tests and control operations have to be performed [2]. The tests are of a general c[...]

Embedded automatic weather station

  The term weather in meteorology is used to describe the momentary atmospheric conditions at a certain place. It is determined by the air temperature and relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction and rainfall i.e. from the meteorological elements in their unity. The weather is dynamic and it is changing constantly. The change in one meteorological element leads to a change in almost all the other elements, thus by the constant monitoring of these elements and by predicting the tendencies of their alternation a weather forecast is being created. There are existing over 20 000 weather stations on the Earth in which significant every-day weather observations are being made. Nowadays the topics related to the climate and weather elements measurement are becoming more and more relevant. This is caused mainly by the so called “Global Warming" and the ambition of the society to start living in a sustainable world. Due to that fact, mankind has started developing new clean ways of energy harvesting with the help of renewable energy sources. The construction of these sources is very tightly connected with the climate elements and their observation, which is important for the expediency of the built machinery and equipment. Except specific scientific researches, the weather elements are of interest for the normal household family, as well as all industry branches. A very popular question arose after the tragic accident in Fukushima - “Are we in danger? Can we believe in the radioactivity information we are given?". Those subjective factors help media and subjective assessments harm the calmness and emotional condition of the population. The purpose of this article is to show a modern automatic weather station design measuring: air temperature, soil temperature, absolute atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, solar index and background gamma radioactivity level. The weather [...]

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