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Wavelets in elimination of distortions in the recorded violin sound for main and mixed playing techniques DOI:10.15199/13.2018.4.6

  I. Introduction To understanding the problem of violin sound recording, the types of instrument and their construction should be analyzed. There are three types of the violin’s: handmade or lute makers violin, manufactured violin, mass-production violin. For all types of the violin, the problem with the recorded sound in nonor semiprofessional equipment and environment is still valid. For these types of construction, two main artefcts occur in recorded chordophone sound, which are perceived in the recorded sound of the instrument. The first one depends on quality of the violin, prevalent with manufactured or mass-production violins. It consists in hearing bow rubbing the string at a frequency near the playing- note amplified by a microphone or pick-up. This artefact is called residue noise and transience sound. The other one is called “wolf signal" - the signal around 500 Hz and in the range of 1800-2500 Hz. These values of frequencies are not random: they are close to the higher eigenfrequencies of the instrument body [1]. All these effects are strongly amplified, when the violin sound is recorded in non-professional environment, in such case the recorded sound is unclear and strongly attenuated in the recorded sample. This main goal of work is an improvement the recorded sound without changing playing technique and individual style of playing by a musician without using professional recording studio [3]. The best way to get the pure signal is use the Fourier transform, but this transform is completely non-corresponding to the timeslot dependencies which is important feature in music. To solve the problem, more complicated techniques using mathematical models that cover the full spectra of musical sound are needed with provided a characteristics of violin signals. One of the classic methods, could be combined integration of the comb filter with the experimentally chosen parameters for violin sound based on G[...]

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