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Criteria for evaluation, methodology and analysis of electrocardiographic signal results from experimental studies in preventive control of clinically healthy people DOI:10.15199/13.2018.1.9

  The heart and the cardiovascular system are the only ones that have the function of transporting oxygen and other important elements through the blood to all organs, thus continuously working and keeping the human organism alive. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the volume parameters of hemodynamics, as well as to show at an early stage the pathology which, in turn, allows the prognosis of cardiovascular changes. In spite of the great scientific and technological progress in the field of medical instrumentation, there are intimidating statistics. About 70% is the total mortality from cardiovascular diseases with no tendency to decrease. Often, a sudden hearth attack occurs in the workplace, in the vehicle while driving or in physical or emotional activities. An important task is to preserve the health of the working people. It is necessary to create a simple, affordable and reliable ways of express diagnostics that can separate the initial signs of the deviation of the heath’s work under physical and emotional overloads at random places - outside hospitals, at home, in the car or in the park. The development of an electronic system that combines new approaches to the processing of individual medical information and specific methods, gives visuals to the results in prevention. It is also extremely inconceivable in the real life of healthy people The purpose of this article is to show criteria for evaluation, methodology and analysis of the results of electrocardiographic signals from experimental studies in the preventive control of clinically healthy people after emotional stress and driving in extreme conditions. Criteria for assessment of ECG signal in preventive control All people are different but many biological processes are the same regardless of age and sex. The mechanism of conElektronika 1/2018 41 traction of the heart is unique to every person. In the process of increasing the heart rate, the time o[...]

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