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Zastosowanie teorii logiki rozmytej do badania wpływu jakości papieru na proces drukowania DOI:10.15199/54.2018.4.2

  Introduction The printing process gives the perfection of design phases and preprinting processing of editions. It materializes the author’s idea in the form of finally formed printing products. On the one hand, the printing process accumulates quality indicators of a copy, on the other hand, it demonstrates the level and the quality of printing itself. It is worth noticing that in order to obtain the proper quality a significant part of control procedures is made before printing: providing a choice of appropriate materials, operating modes of the printing press, technological parameters with the required characteristics. The next phase is the quality control of proof prints, which takes into account the decision to finish the printing process or its repeat with modified parameters. As is known [2, 3, 5, 7], the control is carried out with using visual, electronic tools and statistical methods, which stipulates the involvement of experienced experts, electronic measurement tools, experimental data that is processed with methods of probability and mathematical statistics. As initial data is unknown, it is difficult to predict where the repetition of these control options will stop, because only the descriptive or numerical values of the criteria are known. In obedience to these values, a decision about the final of the printing run is made. Accepted schemes and methods provide the proper quality of products. However, the complexity of the procedures which accompanying the control process and providing the quality of the edition, necessity of expenses of additional materials, printing equipment and staff time is quite significant. The retrenchment of these and other factors determine the relevance of the researches aimed at the development of the methodology of initial data anticipation for the quality of printing. Research questions A set of requirements and rules that concern to the indicators of the quality finishing o[...]

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