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The Influence of IAQ on the Energy Performance of VAV System - a Case Study DOI:10.15199/9.2016.12.5

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One of the most promising strategies in the improvement of energy performance of buildings is optimal control algorithm or control strategy of ventilation systems. The CO2-based demand controlled ventilation is one of the strategies that allow for the energy use reduction. The paper presents the simulation methods and results of variable air volume (VAV) system installed in residential part of hotel located in Poznań, Poland. The proposed method is applied to estimate influence of different concentrations of carbon dioxide on final and primary energy consumption by VAV system and its different components. © 2006-2016 Wydawnictwo SIGMA-NOT Sp. z o.o. All right reserved.1. Introduction (Wstęp) High indoor air quality and the lowest energy consumption are the main priorities in the new raised buildings. Standard ventilation system based on supplying constant air volume may cause significant oversize of installation and devices inside buildings where users stay temporarily. In such a case the energy required for system operation is not rationally used [2]. Modern systems based on air flow modulation allow for lower energy consumption together with providing comfort for all users. Using sensors of carbon dioxide concentration for control of ventilation systems in rooms, where people are present cause that installation is working only when needed. Additionally air stream is adjusted for temporarily needs to ensure both comfort for users and also to remove all contaminants from ventilated rooms. Suitable climate quality in the built environment can be maintained through control of three main parameters: indoor temperature, relative indoor air humidity and indoor air quality. Main parameter used to rate quality of air in buildings occupied by people is concentration of carbon dioxide. High concentration of carbon dioxide can cause disruption of breath, bad mood, headache and dizziness, heaviness, tendency to catch a cold or [...]

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