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Application of thermal analysis in the examination of phase composition of converter slag DOI:10.15199/28.2018.3.3

  Metallurgical slags constitute a group of wastes characterized by a highly variable phase composition, dependent on the technological process in which the slags were produced. The identification of individual components of slag requires precise research, often conducted based on a wide range of scientific methods. This is largely a result of the mode of formation of slag components. Large amounts of glaze are formed as a result of the rapid cooling of alloy, whereas well-formed oxide or silicate phases are rare, usually constituting fine grains which are difficult to identify using e.g. microscopic identification. The presence of the metals in the waste materials often raises business owners’ interest as these may be reused. The chemical form of the metals, however, and the way these are bonded with the waste components, is important. Most of the heavy metals are dispersed in the glaze or occur as a substitution in structures of silicate phases and rarely constitute own minerals. The situation is different as far as iron is concerned which, occurs mainly in the form of own oxide and hydroxides phases. Microscopic examination in transmitted and reflected light demonstrated the presence of magnetite and hematite in the slag, while the determination of other iron forms (e.g. hydroxides) was hindered due to their microcrystalline structure and high dispersion. Thermal analysis is one of the analytical methods which supplement the studies of slag phase composition and the transformations occurring under the influence of high temperature. This article presents the results of the research conducted for converter slag obtained from current production of a metallurgical plant. An attempt was made to determine the extent to which the thermal analyses (DTA, TG and DTG) of converter slag may contribute to the refinement and increase in accuracy of the determination of phase composition. Thermal analysis incorporates a series of measu[...]

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