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Sterowanie optycznymi sieciami transportowymi za pomocą programowalnego interfejsu opartego na języku modelowania YANG DOI:10.15199/59.2018.7.2

  Over a decade many standardization initiatives as well as research activities were focused on bringing SDN concepts into transport world. Majority of them is focused on the interface between orchestrator or client SDN controller and transport network controller as the component, which is most fragile from the interoperability perspective. This paper aims on presenting the results of an industrial research on two practical realizations. Main objective is to provide a deeper technical insight to both. Regardless of many different directions within standardization bodies since a few past years we can observe a strong paradigm shift towards model-based interfaces. This led to dominant role of interfaces derived from YANG [1] modeling language, exposed over RESTCONF [2] or NETCONF [3] protocols. They naturally move center of gravity of interface definition from complex and very often binary protocol structures towards much simpler textbased models separated from common transport mechanism. Moreover, models can be classified into two major groups device scope also known as disaggregated or direct models and networks scope also referred as abstracted or aggregated [4][5]. This paper focuses on the second group and is organized into four major parts. Chapter two provides theoretical introduction into the world of two selected IETF TEAS TE models. Chapter three gives a deeper dive into the used controller - ONOS. From the theoretical point of view experiment was agnostic to software platform, however interpretation of the results always requires existing reference implementation. In the following chapter four and five the authors concentrate on presenting practical results of the conducted proof of concept. TEAS TE MODELS Traffic Engineering Architecture and Signaling (TEAS) Working Group is well known for defining Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Generalized-MPLS (GMPLS) traffic engineering architecture along with standardiz[...]

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