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Biometrics as an authentication method in a public key infrastructure DOI:10.15199/48.2017.01.15

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This paper presents proposed authentication method for PKI based on fingerprint transformations discussed in "Secure fingerprint hashes using subsets of local structures". The authentication method uses Shamir secret sharing and blind signatures techniques. Biometrics data are stored as a one share. The latter approach helps to improve the security of biometric templates and allows to use them within PKI. Streszczenie. Niniejszy dokument prezentuje koncepcyjna˛ metode˛ uwierzytelniania biometrycznego w ramach infrastruktury klucza publicznego, bazuja˛ca˛ na przekształceniach obrazu odcisku palca opisanych w "Secure fingerprint hashes using subsets of local structures". Mechanizm uwierzytelniania został zbudowany w oparciu o schemat dzielenia sekretu Shamira oraz technik˛e ´slepych podpisów cyfrowych, co pozwala na transformacj˛e danych biometrycznych do postaci pojedynczego udziału. Takie podej´scie zapewnia akceptowalny poziom bezpiecze´nstwa oraz współdziałanie systemu z PKI. (Biometria jako metoda uwierzytelniania w infrastrukturze klucza publicznego) Keywords: authentication, biometrics, PKI, fingerprints, security Słowa kluczowe: uwierzytelnianie, biometria, PKI, odcisk palca, bezpiecze´nstwo Introduction Modern biometric-based authentication systems [11] were built in the way that provides the highest accuracy level and at the same time high performance. This approach is valid for systems working in a closed environment. The situation changes greatly when we decide to work within an open environment, like e.g. the Internet. User requirements are still very important, however the security aspect is even more significant. Currently no standardized, global biometric system exists, however some research teams have published several important documents describing the problem of using biometrics techniques and public key infrastructure (PKI) [5] [7] [16] together. In 2007 a group of researchers from Mexico [8], designed a system usi[...]

Secure cloud services - extended cryptographic model of data storage DOI:10.15199/48.2018.03.33

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Cloud storage services are getting more and more popular. Many people use it for storing private files such as photos, videos, text documents or confidential data. What is obvious, the most important parameters for them are capacity, performance and availability. Performance of cloud services is a subject of many researches. We can find documents with information about cloud storage services efficiency and performance in general [16] or in particular context [10]. In 2012 and 2014, the most popular cloud storage services were Microsoft SkyDrive (now OneDrive), Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive. We have not found any official document describing the services market share after 2014. Unofficial sources — mainly technology portals — give different information depending on target groups. We averaged the data and extended the group of providers above by Amazon S3 service, which nowadays became very popular. We have not included price as “parameter", which is also very important, due to the fact that there are many free solutions on the market and they are sufficient for most users. We aggregated basic information about the services in table 1. Table 1. Common cloud storage services comparison. OneDrive Dropbox iCloud Google Drive Amazon S3 Free plan Yes Yes Yes1 Yes Yes2 Free storage 5 GB 2 GB 5 GB 15 GB 5 GB File size limitation 10 GB3 20 GB4 50 GB 5 TB 5 TB File extension limitation No No Yes Yes No Paid plan(s) available Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes In the document, we have not presented the paid plans — each provider offers several different payment models de- 1Requires at least one Apple device. 212 months trial. 3There are no limits for files send with dedicated software. 4See footnote 3. pending on customer needs. The models can be modified without notice. Cloud storage security is a less popular subject than “performance". Providers share just a little bit information about system/data sec[...]

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