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  Based on 'green' technologies, new wood protection system requires being more naturally. Using natural plant extracts is one of promising approaches. Despite this approach is widely used in pharmaceutical and food industry as antimicrobial agents, its usage for wood protectant has not been fully explored. In this study, 14 kinds of essential oils were screened in vitro and on Douglas-fir sapwood wafers for their antifungal activity against three common wood degrading fungi, Aspergillus niger, Trichoderma sp. and Ophiostoma perfectum. The results showed 0.25% Myrtlewood oil, 0.5% cinnamon oil and 1% Noble-fir oil (b) greatly inhibited the growth of all test fungi both in vitro and on wood specimens for five weeks. The results illustrate the difficulties maintained the effect of essential oils because of its volatility. Further studies are expected trying other application method to extend the control efficiency. Key words: essential oils, sapstain, antifungal activity, stain fungi, molds 1. Introduction Moisture management remains the most important factor for controlling the quality of wood and wood products during distribution, storage, construction and even in service. As increasing sensitivity to traditionally chemical preservatives, initiated interest has been grown in environmental friendly ways. One promising approach is using the antifungal properties of plant-derived products extracts, such as juniper, cypress, Melaleuca, eucalyptus, or yellow cedar (Park and Shin 2005; Sim et al. 2006; Mater et al. 2006). For centuries, essential oils have been for medicinal purposes (Inouye et al. 1998). In the middle of twentieth century, it was reported that several essential oils demonstrated in vitro anti-fungal activity and vaporous antibacterial activities (Maruzzella and Ligrouri 1958; Maruzzella and Sicurella 1960). Many other researchers have since reported anti-microbial (Cowan 1999; Hammer et al. 1999; Hoffman et al. 2004; Mau 2001[...]

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