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The influence of surface topography elaborated by prism optics based laser interference modification on cell differentiation DOI:10.15199/28.2016.4.2

  The direct laser interference lithography, based on bi-prism, tetragonal pyramid and an axicon was used as a tool for periodical structuring of different bioscaffolds. The simple, source laser system with stable Nd:YAG laser resonator, amplifying system (energy up to 1 J) and prism-based interferometer optics gave possibility to create periodical, linear, dotted and even circular surface structures, with high degree of periods, width and depth control. The general idea consists of the imitation of the structure and function of tissues and adoption of these solutions for the material science. It is well known that the influence of the artificial material on the cellular processes related to the differentiation, proliferation and growth are dependent on the chemical composition and surface topography as well as mechanical properties of applied materials. The most recent studies focus on the cell interaction with flat scaffolds. However, cells are found covering a highly rough surface in the blood vessels. The work was related to reconstruction of the structure and function and topography of luminal side of the blood vessels. The most important aspect was to recreate cellular niches which plays specific function on the activation and differentiation of stem cells. The mechanical stresses generated at any certain site depend on the surface micropatterns of the material as well as the other signals that cell receives from chemical stimuli. This work is one of the first attempts to determine correlation of surface micro-topography with biochemical stimulation by adsorbed on the materials surface molecules and both factors potential influence on cellular response. The study was aimed at showing the mechanism of human endothelial progenitor cells adhesion, morphology and function control in response to surface patterning. It was found that micro-channels enhanced intercellular connections forming tight junctions and the appropriate progenitor cell diff[...]

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