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Mobile App in Management of the Gluten-Free Diet DOI:10.15199/65.2018.11.5

  The aim of this manuscript is to present the practicality of the bezGlutenu (Polish “gluten-free") mobile app which works as a database of every food product meeting the gluten-free criteria available on the Polish market. PATIENT EDUCATION in food-related disorders Gluten, being a natural component of a large group of grains, can be found in numerous food products even those not strictly associated with grains. This refers mainly to highly processed foods with an extensive list of ingredients. This is why it is crucial for all celiac disease patients to be able to determine gluten content in food. This can prove to be challenging especially for newly diagnosed patients as gluten is widely used in food processing. Having to entirely exclude gluten from the diet can have a negative impact on patient’s quality of life [10]. Difficulties with recognizing safe to eat foods can lead to unintentional consumption of gluten which is one of the most common cause for persistent inflammation in the small intestine. It can also potentially lead to quitting a gluten-free diet entirely due to burdens associated with it especially considering its impact on social activities related to food. The consumption of gluten-free foods has significantly increased in recent years, also in individuals who do not require a gluten- -free diet for any medically justified reasons. In conditions requiring a dietary regime such as celiac disease, properly provided education regarding healthy food choices and adaptation to a new situation are of the utmost importance. Supporting patients in coping[...]

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