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Sustainable development in the province of Cordoba

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Cordoba is an inland province of southern Spain, in the north-central part of the autonomous community of Andalusia. This paper presents the quantity of power that will be necessary to install for covering the electrical consumption of Cordoba’s population. Multicriteria has been the followed method with selection of criteria and options for the new and renewable energy technologies assessment based on the analysis and synthesis of parameters under the information deficiency method. Streszczenie. Kordoba jest prowincją południowej Hiszpanii, w północno-środkowej części wspólnoty autonomicznej Andaluzji. W artykule przeanalizowano ilość energii, która będzie niezbędna do zainstalowania na pokrycie zużycia energii elektrycznej ludności Kordoby. Zastosowano metodę wielokryterialnego wyboru nowych i odnawialnych technologii energetycznych w oparciu o analizę i syntezę parametrów metodą niedoboru informacji.(Zrównoważony rozwój prowincji Kordoba) Keywords: Energy supply; Multicriteria decision-making; Renewable energy technologies; Sustainable energy development. Słowa kluczowe: zużycie energii elektrycznej, technologie energetyczne. Introduction Worldwide energy consumption has risen 30% in the last 25 years, and the International Energy Agency expects to rise of about 60% in 2030 [1]. Today, the world’s energy system is based mainly on oil, gas and coal, which together supply around 80% of our primary energy. Only around 0.5% of primary energy comes from renewable sources such as wind, solar and geothermal. The present production and use of energy is causing depletion of resources and serious environmental problems. In Europe the dependency on imported primary energy increases from year to year. Nowadays most of Europe’s energy needs are supplied from shrinking fossil fuel resources (oil, gas and coal), largely imported into the European Union. At present, the threat of global climate change, high fuel import depende[...]

Comparative study of electromagnetic and electronic ballasts - an assessment on harmonic emission

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In this paper, several high power lighting networks based on high pressures sodium (HPS) lamps with rated lamp powers of 70, 150 and 250 W have been set up. Those lamps have been studied with both electromagnetic and dimmable electronic ballasts, which can dim the lamp output smoothly and uniformly. Lamps connected to electronic equipment have been tested with different levels of power using dimming for a 220 V power supply. HPS lamps have been chosen because they are used in public lighting. This paper focuses on the harmonic characterization of modern HPS lamps connected to both types of devices. Harmonics under full and reduced power for several HPS lamps have been measured. It presents an investigation on the attenuation effect and a proposal of an index called the equivalent lamp index to characterize this effect on HPS lamps. Also it is concluded that using a combination of HPS lamps can result in a reduction of the current distortion. Streszczenie. Analizowano system oświetleniowy wykorzystujący lampy sodowe. Badano lampy obciążone układami elektronicznymi i elektromagnetycznymi do sterowania jasnością. Zmierzono zawartość harmonicznych przy pełnej i ograniczonej mocy. Zaproponowano metody redukcji zniekształcenia prądu. (Studium porównawcze obciążania lamp sodowych układami regulującymi oświetlenie - ocena zawartości harmonicznych) Keywords: Lighting; Electronic ballasts; Electromagnetic ballasts; Harmonic Current; HPS lamps. Słowa kluczowe: oświetlenie, zawartość harmonicznych, lampy sodowe. Introduction The Public Lighting Systems in our cities are a basic and vital service for city councils and other public administration. On the one hand, citizens demand high quality service in accordance with our high development society. On the other hand, a lighting installation is an important energy consumption source that is affected by factors such as regulation and maintenance. A recent study carried out for the European Commission [...]

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