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Front-End electronics for Silicon Photomultiplier detectors implemented in CMOS VLSI integrated circuit

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Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) detectors are of great interest mostly because they can operate with light levels of few photons at room temperature and have fast response with typical rise time of 2-5ns. The paper presents an integrated circuit of front-end electronics designed in CMOS technology, dedicated for Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) detectors. The circuits was produced in the AMS 0,35m technology and preliminary test results show its high performance. Streszczenie. Krzemowe fotodetektory cieszą sie dużym zainteresowaniem e względu na możliwość rejestracji światła w temperaturze pokojowej na poziomie pojedynczych fotonów. W artykule przestawiono układ scalony elektroniki odczytowej do krzemowych fotopowielaczy zrealizowany w technologii CMO (AMS 0,35 m) oraz wstępne wyniki testów potwierdzające jego funkcjonalność. (Układ scalony elektroniki odczytowej do krzemowych fotopowielaczy zrealizowany w technologii CMOS) Keywords: SiPM, CMOS, photodetector, photon counting Słowa kluczowe: Krzemowy fotopowielacz, CMOS, fotodetektor, zliczanie fotonów Introduction Silicon photomultipliers (SiPM) are high performance photodetectors capable of dealing with extremely low photon fluxes. They are strong competitors of widely used Photomultiplier Tubes (PMT) which require high voltage (kV range) for operation and are quite expensive. State-of-theart SiPM’s work with bias voltages at the order of 25-100V, have much smaller dimensions than a PMT’s and its unit cost can be very low (for large quantities the cost can be ~10 euro) [1, 2]. Moreover the SiPM can be operated in strong magnetic field. There are several important applications where silicon photomultipliers appear to be extremely attractive: Positron Emission Tomography, Real-time dosimetry (i.e. Mammography) and High Energy Physics experiments (i.e. calorimetry). There is a lot of research ongoing to exploit the potential of SiPM sensors related to those[...]

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