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Nowe wyzwania, nieograniczone możliwości - International Paper stawia na edukację w przemyśle DOI:

  In the era of advanced development of new technologies, paper industry faces many challenges in terms of development, education and attracting new talents. Our industry has been asking questions how to encourage young people to work in a sector based on traditional technologies. How to compete for candidates on such a demanding labor market? And what really makes this industry attractive for persons at the beginning of their professional careers? New challenges Young people want to see the importance of their activity and have a real impact on their lives and also on the lives of other people. Work is no longer just an unpleasant duty but it slowly becomes a mission and a way to achieve personal goals. Companies striving for new generations must realize that a competitive salary and an attractive social package is no longer a sufficient lure for young people. The main focus is the delivery of significant values, awareness of sustainable development and responsible management of natural resources. The paper industry puts great emphasis on building positive public awareness of the ecological aspect of our sector and promoting sustainable forest management. As representatives of this industry branch, we must feel responsible for social education. Paper is not only an ecological and recyclable product but above all a [...]

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