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Wpływ składu mieszaniny reakcyjnej w procesie modyfikacji powierzchni stopu Al-Zn na wybrane właściwości fizykochemiczne powłoki a-SiCN-H DOI:10.15199/28.2015.4.2

  The effect of chemical composition of gas mixture on the selected physicochemical properties of a-SiCN:H coatings in case of surface modification of Al-Zn alloy Plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition (PA CVD) is a wide used technology for the production of hard, anti-wear coatings and surface modification of metallic substrates, for example aluminum alloys. This method allows to deposit of homogeneous, well-adhesive coatings at low temperature on substrates with complex shape. Plasmochemical processes significantly impacts such surface parameters as microstructure, roughness, mechanical and tribological behaviour, etc. In this work the overview of the influence of N+ ion precursor (nitrogen or ammonia) in RF CVD (Radio Frequency Chemical Vapour Deposition) technique on the modification of Al-Zn alloys in plasma conditions using ion treatment, before deposition of aSiCN:H coating, has been presented. Typical techniques for materials engineering such as scanning electron microscope (SEM) with EDS analysis, IR spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy (AFM), X-ray diffraction, nanoindentation method (hardness and Young modulus), scratch test were applied in the presented study. The obtained results indicate that type of the ion source of nitrogen (N2 or NH3) in the gas mixture used in the N+ ion modification process, before deposition of the a-SiCN:H coating, influences directly on structure in atomic scale (Fig. 2), this determines the different contributions of the respective atomic groups (Fig. 4). The work confirmed that the use of N+ ions modification process of Al-Zn surface is the most important in case of the use of NH3 in the gas mixture, and results in improvement of surface hardness (Fig. 6). Key words: Al-Zn alloys, surface modification, RF CVD, a-SiCN:H, microstructure, physicochemical properties. Metoda plazmochemicznego osadzania z fazy gazowej (PA CVD - Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition) jest szeroko stosowaną tech[...]

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