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Prediction of abrasion performance of metal alloys

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Abrasion erosion process is a major concern in pumps for slurry handling or may occasionally occur during hydroturbines operation cycle and frequently is accompanied by other mass loss processes as corrosion or cavitation erosion. Therefore, the problem of significant importance is a reasonable selection of the construction materials [1]. A morphology of solid surface damaged due to abrasion loading depends on the structure and properties of the erodent particles, the resultant vector of their velocity and the properties of the material. When quasi-equillibrium conditions of the process are achieved, the average parameters of solid surface morphology are preserved unvariable. An effectiveness of the abrasion erosion depends on the kinetics energy of the erodent particles [2, 3], whereby the portion of the energy transferred to solid body relates to the normal component of the erodent velocity. The tangent component of the velocity is responsible for the friction and detachment of asperities. The most efficient erosion of elastoplastic materials occurs if the thrust angle of the erodent particles belongs to the range (30°, 50°) [2, 4]. There is an optimal density of the erodent particles as regard to the process rate [2, 4, 5]. In case of abrasion of metal alloys, the processes of short cracks generation and development play the crucial role. Dimensions of microcracks generated depend on the grain size, its bias to plastic deformations and the rate of plastic zones formation, as well as probability of the structural barriers occurrence [6]. Formulation of the problem Erosive wear processes of complex nature may be handled by robust simulation procedures, e.g. [7] or using a probabilistic description corresponding to its stochastic nature [8]. In the latter case the prediction of abrasion erosion efficiency is possible if values of parameters of the model formulas, dependent on the material strength parameters are known. An indi[...]

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