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Signal processing of voice in case of patients after stroke

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Artykuł dotyczy zmian w parametrach głosu u osób po przebytym udarze mózgu. Przetwarzanie sygnałów może być użyteczne do celów monitorowania postępów hospitalizacji i rehabilitacji. Dokonano nagrań głosu kilkunastu pacjentów, następnie przeprowadzono analizy wszystkich próbek z użyciem różnorodnych algorytmów. Abstract. The paper is focused in human voice changes as a stroke result. We suppose that signal processing could be useful to monitor of hospitalisation and rehabilitation progress. The voice of several patients has been recorded; afterwards the analysis of these samples has been performed, by using various algorithms. (Przetwarzanie sygnałów mowy pacjentów po przebytym udarze mózgu) Słowa kluczowe: przetwarzanie głosu, aparat głosowy, diagnoza udarowa, przetwarzanie sygnałów Keywords: speech processing, speech motor, stroke diagnosis, signal processing Introduction Recently, gradual rise of signal processing significance in clinical applications has been observed. The paper is focused in human voice variation as a stroke result. The simplified methods of voice quality evaluation are used currently in stroke disease monitoring. Such methods are based on opinion of an experienced phoniatrist regarding the speech intelligibility. You should affirm, that these methods are no efficient in the case the damages of the cerebral centres of the speech were not affirmed. The subjective classification of the voice requires experience and intuition; it cannot be applied commonly, particularly in comparative investigations led through the various medical centres. More perfect measure technique of the voice quality is objective acoustic analysis - it is relatively new method. Spectrographic, sonographic and the temporary analysis of the signal of the speech are useful in objective acoustic methods of the voice measure. An introduction of the technique of computer analysis and statistical measurement caused the rapid development of inve[...]

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