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Performance of ASON/GMPLS architecture in condition of wavelength conversion and without wavelength conversion DOI:10.15199/59.2016.7.1

  The paper regards the problem of ASON/GMPLS performance in condition of wavelength and without wavelength conversion. The authors present influence analysis in condition of wavelength and non-wavelength conversion on the ASON/GMPLS control plane performance represented by mean Connection Set-up Time E (CST) and request loss probabilities. The offered traffic to the transport layer and request intensity have been changed for evaluation process. The influence analysis is performed with simulation method by using OMNeT++ discrete-event simulator for Poland single domain structure. Key words:optical networks, ASON/GMPLS, control plane, performance, Connection Set-up Time, OMNET++ 1. Introduction The wavelength conversion is crucial for the efficiency of wavelength- routed optical networks. The problem which is known as the Routing and Wavelength Assignment RWA appears when it is necessary to establish a light path between two optical network nodes, a route has to be calculated and the particular wavelength has to be assigned. Most of the papers the RWA aspect consider either WDM networks without any wavelength conversion or WDM networks with wavelength conversion. The benefits of wavelength conversion in WDM networks have been analyzed in [1,2,3]. More details on the RWA process and Wavelength Switched Optical Networks (WSON) subsystems and their properties can be found in [4,5]. In the paper the RWA problem is presented as an aspect of ASON/GMPLS architecture. The ASON/GMPLS abbreviation means architecture for the Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) [6] utilizing Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) [7,8] protocols. The ASON/GMPLS simple networks were investigated in projects LION [9], EMPIRICO [10], MUPBED [11] or ADRENALINE testbed [12]. These projects present functionality of the control plane mainly without wavelength conversion. The simulation results for ASON/GMPLS architecture without wavelength [...]

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