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Cooperative MIMO OFDM system based on Amplify and Forward Relay: Evaluation of ZF-SIC and MMSE-SIC equalization DOI:10.15199/48.2018.09.19

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When it comes to connectivity, people cannot think of wire now a days. Despite untethered connection to the wireless network, multipath fading is a major issue for data transmission. MIMO system is a combination of multiple antennas (both transmitter and receiver), where each user will experience enhanced bit-rate in communication [1]. Cooperative Communication is a useful technique to mitigate channel fading by exploiting diversity gain through inter relay cooperation [2]. Most importantly the technology requires low power in the transmission end and provides improved spatial diversity gain [3]. Various relay strategies for Cooperative diversity have been reported in numerous studies namely amplify and forward (AF), incremental relaying (IR), decode and forward (DF), coded cooperation (CC), selection relaying (SR) and compress and forward (CF) [4, 7]. The simplest one among them is the fixed relaying scheme where the relay node continuously forwards received information [8], whereas, in selective relaying, the relay node keeps dormant unless the channel surpasses a definite margin [9]. Again, in incremental relaying relay node only responds to a request made from receiving end [10]. The performance of two popular relaying protocols AF and DF has been a matter of debate in the recent past. In one numerical study [11] multihop relaying in AF gives better outage probability and BER (bit error rate) than DF protocol. Another analysis [12] for encoded BPSK systems shows that multiple relaying in DF gives about half of the diversity of that in AF relaying. The simulation study shows that cooperative OFDM system assisted by AF relaying protocol provides better BER than other schemes (FRC, SNRC and ESNRC) under BPSK digital modulation [13]. S. Vorkoeper et al. examined a distributed Interleave-Division-Multiplexing Space-Time Coding (dIDM-STC) and cooperative Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (cOFDM) in terms of performa[...]

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