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New Chimney Design (NCD). The long-term performance of the chimney type DOI:10.15199/33.2018.04.20

  The New Chimney Design consists of a concrete windshield with a PennguardTM lining system applied to the internal surface (photo 1). Thismakes unnecessary all internal components such as independent flues, support slabs and corbels. The closed-cell borocilicate blocks of the PennguardTM lining system are impermeable to acid gas and acid condensates. Therefore, the PennguardTM lining protects the chimney from flue gas attacks including temperature. The initial 1998 study [3] resulted in assessment of the differences between the NCD-chimneys and at that time very common chimneys with brick lining. In the following 17 years, the scene of the industrial chimneys experienced several distinct changes well reflected in papers [4 ÷ 9]: ● only three Chimney Types - Brick Flue, Steel/FRP Flue and NCD - remained on the market; ● NCD became used in Europe, both Americas and Asia under various operating conditions. This welcome situation induced Hadek in 2015 to commission Exponent to determine the position of NCD in the current chimney market by comparing it with two other types of concrete chimneys dominating the current single flue scene. And so, within the research work [10] three 200 m high chimneys were designed and compared with each other by use of the same operating conditions (tabel). Based on the investigation results, the advantages of the NCD Chimneys can be briefly visualized by use of the following pro and cons presented also in [2, 11]: Due to the growing success of NCD- -Technology Hadek commissioned 2016 Exponent with case studies [1, 12] regarding the long-term performance of three chimneys located in Poland. [...]

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