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Methods for determining power losses in cable lines with non-linear load DOI:10.15199/48.2018.09.21

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Polyethylene (PE) has been used as electrical insulation in underground distribution and transmission class power cables for over three decades. The polyethylene in power cables is a special grade, which has cross-linked molecules to allow it to deal with extremely high temperatures without melting or flowing under load. The operating temperature of XLPE insulated power cables is 90 oC and its service life is estimated at approximately 30 years under purely sinusoidal currents. The flow of harmonic currents through power cable causes additional active power losses associated with the higher rms value of current and the appearance of adverse phenomena, which include the skin effect, the proximity effect and the impact of the metallic cable screen (shield), which, in turn, lead to increased insulation temperature and shorter cable service life. Failures of commonly used power cable are a great nuisance for consumers and a cause of considerable financial losses for companies. Due to the above, it is becoming increasingly more important to define accurate, fast and simple methods for determining additional power losses, in order to reduce power cable line load with the fundamental current harmonic, to prevent it from overheating. The aim of this paper is to analyse methods for determining active power losses in cable lines with singlestrand and multi-strand conductors, operating in environment rich in current harmonics. By way of example, authors performed calculations of the active power losses for an actual low voltage power cable line supplying an electrostatic precipitator assembly in an industrial facility. The results obtained with different methods were compared and discussed. Nature of cable losses under a non-linear load Power losses in cable lines are Joule’s losses, caused by the current flowing through a conductor. The basic term describing Joule’s losses is defined as a product of the value of curren[...]

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