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Effects of structural design of pole arc offset in a salient pole generator to obtaining sinusoidal voltages with the least harmonics

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In this study, an optimum design in which pole arc offset has changed for a salient pole generator which able to give the best sinusoidal voltages have been made. Once electromagnetic analysis of the studied generator is being made, performance over producing better sinusoidal voltages rather than the shape without salient pole arc offset have been seen. Static magnetic and analytic designing of the dealt with salient pole generator have been made, and pole arc offset’s effect to the induced voltages has been commented. If the offset raises by such analysis like changing pole arc offset of the generator at full load state, the obtained generator voltages approach to more accurate sinusoidal wave form with eliminating the harmonics. Abstract: W artykule zaproponowano nowy projekt biegunów generatora z biegunami wypukłymi w celu otrzymania najlepszego sygnału sinusoidalnego. Przeprowadzono analizę elektromagnetyczną generatora i asymetrii biegunów. Sprawdzono wpływ offsetu biegunów na indukowane napięcie. Offset ma szczególny wpływ na sinusoidalny kształt napięcia przy pełnym obciążeniu generatora. (Wpływ offsetu kształtu biegunów w generatorze o biegunach wypukłych na jakość generowanego sinusoidalnego napięcia) Keywords: Synchronous generator, salient pole, pole arc offset, eliminating harmonics. Słowa kluczowe: generator synchroniczny, offset biegunów.. Introduction Hydro electric power plants which are one of the renewable energy sources provide 19% electric power demand all over world [1]. Electric power generators which are being used for energy need can be categorized according to working principles and their utility areas. Therewithal, synchronous generators which have salient pole rotor are being used for many industrial applications and at hydro electric power plants providing 19% energy power demand of the world. Even though they don’t have large stable working areas depending upon their load angles, a salient po[...]

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