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Optimization of the emission and economic dispatch by the genetic algorithm

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This paper presents an efficient and reliable technique of optimization with combined economic emission dispatch. This problem has been formulated as a multi-objective problem by considering both economy and emission simultaneously. The bi-objective problem is converted into single objective function using hybrid factor in the proposed approach. The optimal solution of problem is determined by genetic algorithm. This approach has been tested on Indian utility-62 bus systems consisting of 19 generators with line flow constraints. The solutions obtained are quite encouraging and useful in the present deregulated environment. Abstract: W artykule zaprezentowano skuteczną i niezawodną metodę optymalizacji rozsyłu energii z uwzględnieniem aspektów ekonomicznych i środowiskowych. Zadanie potraktowano jako problem wieloskładnikowy rozważając oba aspekty równocześnie. Zaproponowano przekształcenie problemu dwuskładnikowego w jednoskładnikowy przy wykorzystaniu współczynnika hybrydowego. Do rozwiązania problemu zastosowano algorytmy genetyczne. Metoda została przetestowana w systemie 62-szynowym składającym się z 19 generatorów. Otrzymano zadawalające wyniki. (Optymalizacja rozsyłu energii przy wykorzystaniu algorytmu genetycznego i uwzględnieniu aspektów ekonomicznych oraz środowiskowych). Keywords: Nonlinear Programming; Genetic Algorithms; Load Flow; Combined Economic Emission Dispatch. Słowa kluczowe: Algorytmy genetyczne, rozsył energii. Introduction In traditional economic dispatch, the operating cost is reduced by the suitable attribution of the quantity of power to be produced by different generating units. However the optimal production cost can not be the best in terms of the environmental criteria. Recently many countries throughout the world have concentrated on the reduction of the quantity of pollutants from fossil fuel to the production of electrical energy of each unit. The gaseous pollutants emitted by the power stations cause[...]

A Fast Harmony Search Algorithm for solving Economic Dispatch problem

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The Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA) is a newly developed meta-heuristic that uses a stochastic random search. The HSA is simple in concept, few in parameters and easy in implementation. Moreover, it does not require any derivative information. These features increase the applicability of the HSA, particularly in power system applications, where the problems have a large amount of variables and constraints. In this paper, a Fast method based on Harmony Search Algorithm (FHSA) for solving Economic Dispatch (ED) problem is proposed. The performance of FHSA is investigated and compared with HSA, Improved HSA (IHSA), Global HSA (GHSA) and Matpower method. Numerical results reveal that FHSA can find optimum solutions with reduced number of “improvisations" when compared to the other me[...]

Harmony Search Algorithm to solve Dynamic Economic Environmental Dispatch (DEED)

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This paper presents an application of Harmony Search algorithm (HSA) to solve the Dynamic Economic-Environmental Dispatch (DEED) problem under some equality and inequality constraints. The equality constraints reflect a real power balance, and the inequality constraint reflects the limits of real generation. The voltage levels and security are assumed to be constant. Dynamic Economic-Environmental Dispatch problem is obtained by considering both the economy and emission objectives. This bi-objective problem is converted into a single objective function using a price penalty factor. Harmony Search algorithm is tested on six generators system and its results are compared with the solutions obtained in paper of Keerati. The results are quite encouraging and useful in the economic emission environment. Streszczenie. Zbadano zastosowanie algorytmu HSA do rozwiązania problemów dynamicznego rozsyłu energii. Uwzględniono realny balans mocy jak i realne ograniczenia. Algorytm przetestowano na sześciu systemach. (Algorytm HSA w zastosowaniu do dynamicznego i ekonomicznego rozsyłu mocy) Keywords: Dynamic Economic-Environmental Dispatch, Pollution Emission, Fuel cost, bi-objective to mono-objective optimization, Harmony Search algorithm. Słowa kluczowe: rozsył energy, algorytm HSA, koszty paliwa. Introduction Economic dispatch is one of the most important optimization problems in power system operation and forms the basis of many application programs. The main objective of economic load dispatch of electric power generation is to schedule the committed generating unit outputs so as to meet the load demand at minimum operating cost while satisfying all unit and system constraints. One of those constraints which always taken into account is the environmental constraint. That is minimization of pollution emission (NOx, CO2, SO2, small quantities of toxic metals, etc) in case of power plants. However, the rise of interests in environment problem in[...]

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