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Reliability Improvement in Distribution Systems by Optimal Placement of DSTATCOM Using Binary Gravitational Search Algorithm

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In this paper, a new method for improving reliability level of distribution systems is presented by employing optimal placement of DSTATCOM. The binary version of the Gravitational Search algorithm (BGSA) is used to solve the DSTATCOM optimal placement problem. The simulation results show that the proposed method is efficient and feasible for improving the system reliability level by reducing load outages and momentary interruptions. Streszczenie. Przedstawiono nową metodę poprawy niezawodności system dystrybucji energii dzięki optymalizacji DSTATCOM. Optymalne położenie DSTATCOM było określane na podstawie algorytmu BGSA. Uzyskano [poprawę dzięki dedukcji przerw w obciążeniu i chwilowych zaników. (Poprawa niezawodności systemu dystrybucji energii dzięki optymalnemu ustawieniu DSTATCOM) Keywords: Voltage sag, Reliability, Distribution Systems, DSTATCOM, GSA, Power Quality. Słowa kluczowe: niezawodność, system dystrybucji energii, DSTATCOM. Introduction The unprecedented changes in the technology have changed the customer’s expectation about quality and continuity of energy from power utilities. A minute disturbance such as voltage sag may cause large amount of financial loss due to increased level of dependency on electricity in industrial processes. Therefore, utilities have to consider seriously the quality and reliability of the power supply. Reliability is defined as the ability of a system to perform required functions under stated conditions for a given period of time. In power systems, reliability and security have the same implication. For example, a distribution system whose security level is low is said to be unreliable and vice versa. There are many reliability indices which are categorized in three groups, namely, sustained interruption indices, load based indices and momentary indices that are used for reliability assessment [1]. Among them, load based index such as the average system interruption frequency ind[...]

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