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Analysis of eccentricity hot rolled tubes DOI:10.15199/24.2016.8.16

  Analiza mimośrodowości rur walcowanych na gorąco The production programme of ironworks Železiarne Podbrezová a.s. deals primarily with the production of seamless steel tubes rolled from billets from company’s foundry. This paper deals with the study of the transverse defects causes of tubes, especially eccentricity that is evaluated at each technological node separately. The problem of tube eccentricity is considered as a p rimary factor of geometrical deviation. The current method of eccentricity evaluation has been examined. Part of the paper comes up also with the continuous evaluation of tube eccentricity in real production runs. This evaluation takes place once a month, with 98% of seamless tubes produced with eccentricity not exceeding 5%. Conclusions in this paper are decisive for taking preventive measures for eccentricity to occur and also for fixing the measurement methodology for eccentric tubes. Program produkcji huty Železiarne Podbrezová a.s. obejmuje głównie wytwarzanie rur stalowych bez szwu walcowanych z wlewków pozyskanych z własnej odlewni [...]

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