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The effect of forming the polyethylene structure of endoprosthesis cups on morphological changes in the upper layer during friction

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To increase resistance to wear and permanent deformation of polyethylene working in a polymer/metal couple (e.g. in human joint endoprostheses), the authors applied a new method. The method consists in changing the structure and properties of polyethylene subjected to preliminary work-hardening and irradiation with an electron beam. The assessment of the morphology obtained for the material v[...]

The morphology, texture and structure orientation of polyethylene formed via work hardening and electron irradiation

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The paper presents a new method for shaping the structure and properties of polyethylene intended for endoprostheses' cups. The method consists in applying plastic strain to a semi-finished product of a cup (Chirulen) and its irradiation with an electron beam. As a result of a small, permanent deformation, performed in an area distant from the consolidation area and a high polymer orien[...]

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