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Influence of leather tanning waste addition and sintering parameters on physical and mechanical properties of ceramic granules DOI:10.15199/28.2016.3.7

  This paper presents results of manufacturing the ceramic porous granules made of the local waste materials. These granules were produced from the mixture of the car wind-shield glass contaminated by residuals of the PVB foil and aluminosilicate-based mine slates. Addition of the leather tanning wastes was used in order to increase granules porosity without significant decrease of mechanical properties. The paper shows the effect of tanning wastes addition and sintering parameters on the properties of the resultant granules in comparison to the leather-free product. Porosity, apparent density and water absorption were examined according to EN 1097 standard, and compressive strength was examined according to UNE-EN 13055-1 standard. Differences in the microstructure of granules were examined using scanning electron microscope. Partial substitution of both starting materials by tanning wastes and/or the two-step sintering regime could significantly improve the physical properties, what has been shown in the present paper. Key words: ceramic granules, leather tanning waste, recycling, waste management, windshield glass. Inżynieria Materiałowa 3 (211) (2016) 131÷136 DOI 10.15199/28.2016.3.7 © Copyright SIGMA-NOT MATERIALS ENGINEERING 1. INTRODUCTION Nowadays, there are several issues related to recycling the car windshield glass. One of these problem is related to the layered structure of a car windshield. Two layers of glass are separated by a polymer layer of polyvinyl butyral (mainly known as PVB), which improves mechanical properties of the laminated material but simultaneously it prevents the separation of layers in the waste glass during a mechanical treatment. Advanced technology allows to separate those layers during screening resulting in separation of PVB as a large-sized fraction from the fine glass powder. It is impossible to produce the windshields again from these materials, but the PVB scraps can be used once more as an[...]

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