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On the impact of big data and cloud computing on a scalable multimedia archiving system DOI:10.15199/59.2017.7.2

  The increasing amount of data systems and people have to deal with, make decisions based on the understanding the contents and context is staggering. More data is coming from growing number of sources which requires bigger and faster resources. Up till recently the improvements of tasks in technological domain had been restricted (if not prohibited) by several factors: a sheer complexity of the possible reliable solutions, inherent very high initial investments and maintenance costs. Systems suffered from the inefficiency to crunch vast amounts of information in order to get relevant responses to given tasks. Two ideas come in hand to tame the avalanche of data: Big Data and its use of Cloud Computing [1,2]. Big Data is a name given to large data sets for which traditional systems like relational databases or disk array storage systems start to be unacceptable in terms of reasonable costs or growing complexity. There are various ways to tackle the problem of data size and growth speed, the struggle to process queries and tasks on data and still give accurate answers within expected time. Cloud Computing is one of the answers to Big Data big hunger for processing power, storage space and shortest waiting times. Our solution is based on the idea of a separate, independently running pool of services able to utilise resources exposed by fairly simple infrastructure while having benefits of being distributed, highly available and resilient. Proposed approach is based on the architecture that allows to bring demanded performance, sustain expected rate of traffic and introduce simplicity in a modern way while keeping the costs at bay. Thanks to the ability to bring the up to date information, the users can consciously plan ahead and select the right actions on time, when required2. MOTIVATION FOR MULTIMEDIA ARCHIVER Multimedia Archiver (or MA) has been created as a result of fulfilling the STRADAR project goals [3,4,5]. STRADAR intr[...]

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