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Structural analysis of composite powders obtained from recycled material

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Aluminium chips obtained from machining are very difficult to be recycled. Most of them are used in industry, mainly in foundry operations, due to the relatively high tolerances in the chemical composition of molten wrought alloys. However, melting and casting techniques cause high environmental pollution and form other scraps in the final stage of processing generated elements [1, 2]. Therefore scientist try to find some alternative processes for the use of chips. In several publications aluminium chips have been used in powder metallurgy (PM), starting from recycled material, milled or cut, adding reinforcement particles then followed by either cold pressing, hot extrusion, as well as hot pressing [2÷5]. Some works consider also recycled material directly in the form of chips, without any other addition, shaped by cold or hot extrusion and plastic consolidation as additional operations [6, 7]. The most promising solution seems to be the mechanical alloying (MA) process. The method allows to obtain uniformity of components, good adhesion between the reinforcement particles and metal matrix, as well as a significant fragmentation of the microstructure [8]. In this work the microstructural changes in powder particles and the influence of MA processing on the distribution of SiC reinforcement and their corresponding properties are investigated. Experimental procedure AlSi5Cu2 aluminium alloy chips obtained from recycled materials were reinforced 10 wt % of silicon carbide (α-SiC) particles having an average initial size of about 2 μm. The chemical composition of[...]

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