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Evaluation of sialon ceramics - crack resistance via surface stereometry and multifractal analysis

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One of the most frequently applied parameters in quantitative fractography is the fracture area development coefficient RS. It provides, inter alia, the information on the fracture formation mechanism and the energy consumed for its formation. Sialon ceramics studies confirm this viewpoint [1]. For selected parameters RS qualitative dependencies were developed. A proportional relation betwee[...]

Verification of the stereometric-fractal description of overlaps in sialon ceramics' fractures

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A quantitative description of overlaps on fractures in sialon ceramics, is presented in the paper. A conventional analysis, aiming at the determination of the percentage share of overlaps on the basis of quantitative fractography, was preceded by stereometric/fractal analyses. They enabled the selection of representative sections of samples and then, the production of transverse microsections[...]

Evaluation of the share of overlaps on 34CrMo4 steel fractures by surface stereometry and multifractal analysis methods

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A method is presented to estimate the percentage share of overlaps in 34CrMo4 steel fractures in a conventional way based on quantitative fractography and image analysis methods, as well as utilizing new stereometric/multifractal methodology. The present study was performed in order to determine whether the new method and the co-dependence developed earlier for sintered carbides can be transf[...]

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