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Influence of ECG testing errors on Automatic ECG interpretation DOI:10.15199/48.2016.09.53

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The ECG testing is very common in health diagnose of a patient. Also, in present it is common to apply as many automated technology solutions as possible. Generally, this should insure better quality of gained diagnostic results. On the other hand, complex solutions invoke human error in procedure, which ultimately can provide inaccurate results. The influence of such errors on example of ECG testing is analyzed and compared to normal ECG test in this research, where six scenarios are deliberately forced to provide fault diagnose. Streszczenie. Do analizy sygnałów EKG stosuje się obecnie wiele metod automatyzacji. W artykule analizuje się możliwe błędy w interpretacji sygnałów EKG. Wpływ błędów na interpretację wyniku EKG w metodach automatycznej diagnozy Keywords: ECG, resting cardiograph, electrical measuring, automatic Słowa kluczowe: EKG, automatyczna diagnoza chorób serca.. Introduction Heart is active muscle which supports circulation of blood in the human body. During this activity heart generates certain flow of electrical charge, e.g. the electrical current dependent to state of the heart. Therefore, if one wants to deduct on heart status and quality, some of necessary input information can be measured trough electrical potential which emerges on the human body skin. Electrocardiography is set of measured electrical voltage gained from heart activity, all available in compact device electrocardiograph. The heart electrical activity was first noticed in 1856 by Koelliker and Muller, while the first capillary electrocardiograph record on a human was made in 1877 by Waller, like described in [1]. The first modern type electrocardiograph was constructed in 1903 by Willem Einthoven, like shown in [2]. Indications for conducting ECG procedure are any suspicions of cardiovascular disease, as provided in [3]. One of human body bioelectrical signals is ECG signal, as described in [4]. The ECG testing is actually a simple procedur[...]

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