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Measurements of microstructure parameters in single crystal nickel-base superalloys

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Stereological procedure for characterizing a degree of rafting in single crystal nickel-base superalloys is discussed. The image analysis technique is described on the example of microstructural changes of 2nd generation single cystal superalloy PWA 1484 during creep tests under laboratory conditions. STRESZCZENIE W pracy przedstawiono procedurę pomiarową parametrów opisujących zmiany mikros[...]

Development of single crystal Ni-based superalloys for advanced aircraft turbine blades

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Development of single crystal (SX) nickel-based superalloys from polycrystalline to current SX 5th generation is discussed. The properties, and microstructural changes during creep tests under laboratory and service conditions are described. Microstructural stability of 2nd and 4th generation SX superalloys are presented and discussed. INTRODUCTION Single crystal nickel-base superalloys have[...]

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