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The economic feasibility analysis of generated photovoltaic energy in the USTO campus DOI:10.15199/48.2019.05.35

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The development and use of clean renewable energy in many parts of the world in the last two decades have become vital due to the continuous decline and price fluctuation of fossil fuel resources and global concerns about climate change, air pollution and increased consumption of energy [1,2]. Advances in power electronics have also contributed more effectively and more reliably to the integration of renewable resources into power grids [3]. The cost reduction of photovoltaic (PV) technology and related components, such as inverters and batteries, and the sharp decline in the cost of large wind turbines have made these energy sources more attractive in many countries. The large-scale development of renewable energy systems and their integration to utility grid are considered as the most important challenges for the sustainable environment. The electric energy industry restructuring and the introduction of the concept of a smart grid have also led to new technologies (distributed energy resources and decentralized generation) become more and more widely adopted [3]. Since the industrial and residential sectors are among the largest consumers of electrical energy, decentralized electricity generation has now become a potential solution for satisfying the energy needs locally. In comparison to large-scale wind energy, the cost of deploying a PV system is much higher, and therefore implying that a larger financial subsidy is needed to increase the PV installation capacity by customers [4,5,6]. Microgrids are small size electrical networks built to provide a reliable electric supply and with a better quality for a small number of consumers. They consists of local power stations (micro turbines, fuel cell, small diesel generators, photovoltaic panels, etc), loads, storage batteries and a power management strategy for the supervision and dispatching power flow. They can operate either in gridconnected mode or in isolated mode. T[...]

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