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Combined method for surface hardening of P6M5 steel by deposition of N + Ti and N + Cr diffusion coatings and selective laser post-treatment of substrate DOI:10.15199/28.2019.1.2

  1. INTRODUCTION Protective coatings for machine elements and tools are widely used at present time in order to improve their performance and to expand service life [1÷4]. Studies and researches at recent years are focused on improvement of properties of known and new types of coatings and technologies of coatings deposition, expanding the range of materials for surface treatment. To strengthen tool steels, the nitriding is widely used, and particularly for high-speed steel P6M5 (analogues -X82WMoCrV6-5-4, SW7M). However, nitriding process has its essential drawbacks: the duration of treatment, low quality of surface finishing, lack of durability under heavy loads. In [5÷9] authors show that laser treatment of steel under certain conditions can significantly improve tribological properties of various coatings on steels. A promising method of improving the wear resistance tool steels is deposition of selective composite coatings using concentrated energy sources [10]. Industrial enterprises use mono- and multilayered coatings deposited on steels and cemented carbides surfaces. The strengthening effect is often achieved by chemical compounds of IV-VI group’s elements (titanium carbide TiC, titanium nitride TiN, titanium boride TiB2 etc.). Various composite coating on steels combine high strength and chemical stability, corrosion and wear resistance, low friction factor [11]. It also was investigated a phase composition and structure of multilayer coatings deposited over a diffusion barrier — a thin intermediate layer composed of carbides and nitrides of titanium, vanadium, chromium [12]. The technology of chemical heat treatment for current research combines two processes — nitriding and subsequent diffusion metallization. This, as it will be proved, significantly increases the wear resistance of steels in modes of sliding friction and abrasive wear. However, this process has some drawbacks. The metallization i[...]

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