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Preparation of mounting mass DOI:

  Self-adhesives materials are materials that develop significant adhesive forces upon contact with a substrate without requiring a chemical reaction without leaving residues on the substrate. To exhibit this property, self-adhesives materials should have cohesive strength that is much higher than its adhesion strength to the substrate. Usually they are defined as a viscoelastic material, which in a solvent free state remains permanently tacky at room temperature. Mechanically, they are a soft, sticky substance; consequently, a supporting backing is often required to convert it into commercially useful forms, such as tapes and labels. Mounting mass are a special form of self-adhesives materials usually in similar to modelling clay form plasticizer after warming up in the fingers. They are characterized by the fact that it does not dry out and can be relatively easily peeled off. They are used, inter alia, for fastening light units (including posters) to dry surfaces (walls, tables). The first company producing them was the company Bostik, the product Blu-tray, the composition of which is the secret of the manufacturer, generally described as a mixture of synthetic rubber, not showing dangerous properties in normal applications. Currently it is known a lot of self-adhesive products in the form of plastic masses produced by industry names “Blu-Tac" (Bostik), “UHU tac patafix" (Uhu GmbH) or “Prott buddies" (Henkel). Preparation of novel mounting mass using composition silicone risen with trimethylopropane triacrylate crosslinking by the use of UV or LED radiation was presented. Their adhesive properties on various substrates and cohesiveness are determined using international standards. Obtained materials are characterized by excellent cohesion and enough adhesion. Key words: mounting mass, silicone resin, UV-crosslinking, LED-crosslinking.1. INTRODUCTION In principle, if the work required separating two dissimilar objects is hig[...]

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