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The influence of temperature on optical and electrical parameters of medium and high power LEDs DOI:10.12915/pe.2014.11.51

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The article presents the issues connected with the problem of high temperatures influence on LED diodes. It presents the results of the research showing the impact of the temperature on the electrical and optical parameters of diodes. The thesis also includes the information concerning the selection of the heat dissipating systems in order to maintain proper operation temperature and avoid the consequences connected with LED diodes overheating. Streszczenie. W artykule przedstawione zostały zagadnienia związane z problemem działania wysokich temperatur na diody LED. Zaprezentowano wyniki badań ukazujące wpływ temperatury na parametry diod. Praca zawiera również informację na temat doboru układów rozpraszających ciepło w celu zachowania odpowiedniej temperatury pracy diod (Wpływ temperatury na parametry optyczne i elektryczne diod LED średniej i dużej mocy). Keywords: diodes, LED, optoelectronics, temperature measurement Słowa kluczowe: diody elektroluminescencyjne, LED, optoelektronika, pomiar temperatury doi:10.12915/pe.2014.11.51 Introduction Technological advance caused that luminaries based on LEDs are more and more efficiently replacing traditional solutions in the lighting, based on incandescent bulbs or discharge lamps. New technologies applied in LED diodes provide continual increase of their parameters and boost their application area. When compared with traditional bulbs, LED emitters prove matchlessly long life expectancy. The producers of popular diodes declare useful operation time of their products at the level of 50 000 hours. It means that after this time, the value of emitted light will be higher than 70% of the initial light output through a new diode. Apart from high life expectancy, LED diodes prove very low operation failure frequency. The vast majority of them prove nearly linear decrease of obsolescence over time, caused by the gradual degradation of the semiconductor layers. Thanks to it, their work can be[...]

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