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Determination of CdSxSe1-x thick films optical properties from reflection spectra DOI:10.15199/48.2016.09.23

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Abstract. A method for determining the band gap value and the refractive index near the absorption edge from reflection spectra was tested for CdSxSe1-x films prepared using the screen-printing and sintering technique. Streszczenie: Przeanalizowano metodę wyznaczenia szerokości przerwy energetycznej i współczynnika załamania z pomiarów widma współczynnika odbicie warstw CdSxSe1-x otrzymanych metodami sitodruku i konsolidacji termicznej (sintering technique). (Wyznaczanie parametrów optycznych grubych warstw CdSxSe1-x z analizy widma odbicia). Keywords: semiconductors, CdSxSe1-x thick films, refractive index, reflection spectra. Słowa kluczowe: półprzewodniki, warstwy CdSxSe1-x, współczynnik załamania, widmo odbicia. Introduction The development of optoelectronics stimulates research of the photoelectric and optical properties of semiconductor films used in different optoelectronic devices [1-4]. The refractive index and the band gap value are some of the most important optical parameters of semiconductor films [5-6]. A method to determine the band gap value and the refractive index near the absorption edge of the thick films of semiconductor materials from optical reflection spectra, measured at different angles of incidence of the optical radiation, is theoretically justified and experimentally implemented in the present study. Verification of this method for CdSxSe1-x films of solid solution prepared using the screen-printing and sintering technique was done in the present work [7-9]. The direct band gap semiconductors like CdS, CdSe and their solid solutions are excellent materials for the development of optoelectronic and photovoltaic devices due to their high absorption coefficients and appropriate band gap [9-11]. A simple screen-printing method can be suitable for the production of low-cost large-area photosensitive devices [7-9]. Theory Let d be the thickness of the semiconductor film with a surface roughness smaller t[...]

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