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Mechanical properties of composite material modified with essential oil DOI:10.15199/28.2017.2.8

  Recurrent caries is an omnipresent problem in dental practice. More than half of all restorations need replacement in 10 years time. Upon tooth preparation, dentine is more susceptible to microorganism colonization. Hence antibacterial properties in novel composite materials are crucial issue. Such substances as essential oils may set an alternative compound for antibacterial compounds used in materials available on the market. Essential oils are concentrated hydrophobic liquids, that contain volatile aroma compounds. These compounds, especially terpenes, present antibacterial activity to caries-related microorganisms. The antibacterial effectiveness of several essential oils has been already scientifically proven. For instance, cinnamon oil thanks to its properties is often used in medicine. The essential oil derived from its bark consists of trans-cinnamaldehyde which has antimicrobial effects against plant pathogens, food poisoning, fungi and spoilage bacteria. The aim of the study was to evaluate mechanical properties of commercial composite, modified with essential oil. In the study SDR composite (Dentsply) was modified by adding cinnamon essential oil (Dr Beta, Poland). The material of 2 g was mixed with 1 μl, 2 μl and 5 μl of cinammon oil until homogenous structure was obtained (group I, II and III). Control sample group comprised specimens of SDR material without modification. Mechanical properties were tested by diametral tensile strength test, three-point bending test and Vicker’s hardness. Results showed that modified material gained lower mean values in DTS and HV1 tests for all groups in comparison to control sample group. However, mean TPF values for group I were higher when compared to control sample group. Mechanical properties of experimental material may be accepted from clinical point of view when used as temporary fillings for instance in paedodontics. Key words: essential oil, diametrial tensile streng[...]

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