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Application of Rational Methodology for Evaluating Fire Resistance of Concrete Structures

  Current methods of evaluating fire resistance of concrete structures are mainly prescriptive in nature and developed utilizing data from standard fire tests. These methods may not yield realistic fire resistance, especially for new types of concrete, and geometric configurations subjected to realistic fire loading and restraint scenarios. Many of the drawbacks in current prescriptive approaches can be overcome through rational approaches for evaluating fire resistance. For undertaking such rational approaches, a nonlinear finite element based numerical model and input parameters namely, high temperature material constitutive models, realistic fire, load and support conditions data are required. In this paper, the applicability of rational approach for evaluating fire resistance is illustrated through a case study on typical prestressed concrete hollowcore slabs. Results from the study clearly show that rational approaches for fire resistance evaluation yields higher fire resistance than that obtained through prescriptive based approaches. Keywords: concrete structures, fire resistance.Concrete finds wide applications in buildings, parking structures, and transit structuresdue to its numerous advantages, such as versatility, cost, fire resistance and low maintenance costs, over other constructionmaterials. Fire is one of themost severe hazardsin buildingsduring their lifetime and thus, building codes specify certain fire resistance ratings for structuralmembers. Fire resistance is the duration during which the structural member exhibit resistance, based on insulation, integrity and stability failure criteria. The current method of evaluating fire resistance in structural members is mainly through prescriptive based approaches. These methods are derived based on standard fire tests and often do not reflect realistic fire resistance of structuralmembers. The prescriptive based fire ratings for concrete structuresare specified in [...]

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