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Modeling and Adaptive Power Control-Designed based on Tip Speed Ratio method for Wind Turbines DOI:10.15199/48.2019.06.08

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In the last decades, the WE (wind energy) is becoming one of the most promising renewable energy sources due to the experienced progress. WE is playing a key role in the effort to help and satisfy global energy demand, offering the greatest opportunity to unlock a new era of environmental protection with share of renewable energy sources in the world energy mix [1-3]. In this way, it can help to solve the world energy crises and global warming problem. Therefore, WT-s must operate in such a way as to optimize the kinetic energy of the wind for optimal electrical energy [4, 5]. Although WT-s have a lower installation cost compared to photovoltaic, the overall system cost can be further reduced using high-efficiency power converters, controlled to obtain the optimum power according to current atmospheric conditions [5, 6]. Aerodynamic wind systems based on variable speed turbine have been used for many reasons. Among the WECS currently available, variable-speed based on aerodynamic wind systems are steadily increasing their market share, since changes in wind speed are followed by shaft speed control, which allows the turbine to function at its at maximum capacity regardless of wind speeds [7]. One of the most major problems in aerodynamic wind systems is capturing as much aerodynamic wind power as possible in the shortest possible time, which can be achieved through different MPC approaches [8-10]. In order to determine the optimal operating situation of the WT-s, it is essential to include a MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithm in the system. Many papers for MPPT technique have been presented in the literature, with different control schemes of WT-s to extract a maximum of power from wind speed variable, such as reference [11], which provided an analytical and critical study of several papers published in this area including [12, 13]. To maximize and improve the quality and the quantity of energy in wind farms con[...]

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