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New Materials Developments, Product Innovations, and Problems in Paper Physics DOI:

  Introduction This article has been prepared specially for 2018 PPPS (Progress in Paper physics: Seminar) held in Lodz, Poland in September, 2018. The intention is to try to find a red thread connecting new materials developments, product innovations and paper physics. The last 15 years is probably the most challenging period for the pulp and paper industry in the world. As the printing/writing paper market crushed, the industry has been forced to transform into the new direction where the future is still blurred or the industry is not well prepared. Policy makers have rushed to draw the picture of the future of the industry around the theme of “bioeconomy". This theme may be described as “Based on the renewable resources that the industry possesses (forests, water, land, people), moving research and innovation fronts to a much broader market place through new products and services". Of course, this scope for the future of the industry is a valid one in a general sense, but it is the also fact that the same theme was discussed and vigorously pursued in the past in many countries. (When the author entered to the paper industry in Japan in 80s, his mentors used to talk about a series of projects already performed in 60s and 70s, which had exactly the same goals and scope of the bioeconomy.) Accordingly, moving to a market place and new product innovations have been becoming the main focus both in the industry and even its research community for the last 15 years. Paper physics community is not the exception. In different parts of the world, various product innovation initiatives have been started by funding agencies, government organisations, and industries. The most notable initiative is the development of nano-celluloses which are a class of fine cellulosic materials whose smallest dimensions are less than 100 nm [4] (or even larger than the nano-scale). Prof. T. Uesaka, Mid Sweden University, Department of Chemi[...]

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