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Swivel bending DOI:10.15199/24.2015.9.6

  The contribution deals with the issue of bending. The practical part is dealing with developing of design of bending tool for bending of metal sheet parts and made technological processes for manufacturing of non-standard components. Praca zawiera rozważania badawcze dotyczące procesów gięcia precyzyjnego. Tego rodzaju gięcie stosowane jest w niskoseryjnej produkcji szczególnie odpowiedzialnych elementów. Praktyczna część pracy dotyczy projektowania narzędzi do gięcia elementów z blach i opracowania procesu technologicznego na potrzeby wytwarzania niestandardowych elementów giętych. Key words: swivel bending, swivel bending machine, bending angle, springback Słowa kluczowe: gięcie precyzyjne, giętarki, kąt gięcia, sprężynowanie powrotne.Introduction. Definition of swivel bending. Swivel bending system is an example of flexibility when it is necessary to create valuable bent parts. This technology achieves high productivity of production of exact bent parts [1, 3]. Handling large plates with swivel bending is much easier. There is only needed one type of tool for the huge range of products. Plates are formed without dam- aging the surface and it is also suitable for small as well as large parts. (Swivel bending goes ahead, 2010) [2]. Principle. In swivel bending the sheet metal is ly- ing on workbench. Locking jaw ensure the plate on the bent line. Upper and lower bending jaw tighten bending sheet. The new design of bending arm allows bent of 90° per second and with the automatic setting on the plate thickness is mainly an investment to productivity and flexibility . Long part of the bent material remains lying on a desk. Because the sheet may not be addition- ally supported, bending process is especially for large pieces much faster, safer and with higher quality. En- sure that there will not be shift of the sheets in bending, sheet metal[...]

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