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Monitoring of human movements by means of impulse-radar sensors DOI:10.15199/59.2015.6.2

  The life expectancy has been growing in Europe for many years, while the healthy life expectancy has been slightly diminishing since the last decade of the XXth century (cf. http://www. healthy-life-years.eu/). Consequently, the share of elderly and functionally impaired persons, who need healthcare services, is growing rapidly. This social phenomenon concurs with the challenge of recruiting and retaining of professionals in the healthcare sector in a highly competitive labor market across European countries. Hence the urgent demand for various technical solutions which could support and/or replace those professionals, in particular - the demand for sensor systems which could be applied for non-invasive monitoring of the movements of elderly and disabled persons in their home environment. The capability of such systems to detect dangerous events, such as person’s fall, is of key importance. A fall or fall-like event can occur not only when a person is standing, but also while sitting on a chair or lying on a bed during sleep. Falls among elderly people are the main cause of their admission and long-term stay in hospitals [1]. The factors of fall risk are of various nature: intrinsic: age, low mobility and bone fragility,  poor balance, chronic disease, cognitive and dementia problems, Parkinson disease, sight problems, use of drugs that affect the mind, behavioural and social issues that impact on health (inactivity, use of alcohol, obesity), previous falls;  extrinsic: individual (incorrect use of shoes and clothes), drugs cocktail;  environmental: internal (slipping floors or stairs, attempts to reach high-located objects) and external (damaged roads, crowded places, dangerous steps, poor lighting). Of course, the systems for monitoring elderly and disabled persons are expected not only to detect dangerous events, but also to predict them on the basis of acquired data, and therefore contribute to the prevention of[...]

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