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Method of Selecting the Most Important Power Lines in a Transmission and Distribution Network DOI:10.12915/pe.2014.11.41

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This article describes the method used to graph theory in security analysis. For the pursposes of this study, an environment is referred to here as a network of power lines and devices and a power grid is considered as a system of vertices which combine to make a network. Exploration of Fiedler´s theory will be applied herein to select the most important power lines for the entire network. Components related to these lines are logicly ordered and considered by the author´s modified analysis. This method has been improved and optimalized for risks related with illegal acts. Each power grid component has been connected with a variety of possible attacks and this device was gradually evaluated by five coefficients which takes values from 1 to 10. the level of risk was also assessed on the coefficient basis. In the last phase the most risky electricity network devices have been selected. Security measures have been proposed on the selected devices. Streszczenie. W artykule opisano wykorzystanie teori grafów w analizie zabezpieczeń. Opracowano model sieciowy z wykorzystaniem teorii Fiedlera. Każdy z elementów sieci połaczono z różnymi formami ataku i opisano odpowiednimi wspolczynnikami. Na tej podstawie wybrano najbardziej ryzykowny wariant. Metoda wyboru najważniejszych linii w sieciach rozdzielczych i przesyłowych. Key words: Security, matrix, power grid, graph partitioning, analysis. Słowa kluczowe: bezpiecześtwo, sieci rozdzielcze i przesyłowe, teoria grafów doi:10.12915/pe.2014.11.41 Introduction Signifiant diversification of technical infrastructure from telegraph to internet has been realized within the last fifty years. From a wide point of view, the electric network, traffic network and communications network makeup the foundation of all prosperous companies. Usually these networks are based on a large amount of heterogeneous components characterized by complex dependencies and relationships between them. To ensure the structural [...]

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