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Transmission fibre-optic transducer used for a silicon structure's displacement measurement DOI:10.12915/pe.2014.11.33

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The study shows a construction and experimental results of a beam-through fibre-optic transducer used for a silicon beam displacement measurement. The transducer consisted of two plastic optical fibres (POF) placed opposite each other - one transmitting light and the other one receiving it. The first one was connected to light source equipped with a LED, the second one to a photodiode of an optical power meter. Displacement of the thick structure placed between them resulted in a change of optical power collected by the receiving fibre. Streszczenie. Artykuł przedstawia konstrukcję oraz wyniki doświadczalne dla transmisyjnego przetwornika światłowodowego do pomiaru przemieszczenia belki krzemowej. Umieszczenie struktury krzemowej pomiędzy powierzchniami czołowymi światłowodów powodowało zmianę mocy optycznej na wyjściu przetwornika.(Transmisyjny przetwornik światłowodowy przeznaczony do pomiaru przemieszczenia struktury krzemowej) Keywords: optoelectronic transducer, optoelectronics, optical fibres, MEMS Słowa kluczowe: przetwornik optoelektroniczny, optoelektronika, światłowody, MEMS doi:10.12915/pe.2014.11.33 Introduction There are many types of fibre-optic transducers used for industrial purposes. Their advantages are small size and weight, non-contact measurement, resistance to electromagnetic noise, non-electric transmission providing ability of operation in environments characterized by a high risk of explosion or fire. Production lines are often equipped with intensity, retro-reflective, interferometric, transmission and other sensors [1, 2]. Beam-through optic sensors are commonly applied as a barriers detecting an intrusion of an object. On the other hand they can be a good solution for small structures- displacement measurements. Fig.1. Construction of the beam-through fibre-optic transducer The study shows a construction of a transmission fibreoptic transducer consisting of two plastic fibres placed opposite each[...]

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